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6 Steps to Sending the Perfect Email
Here’s a list that 15 years of email marketing excellence has told us are the crucial things you must check before you send every campaign.
  • Avoid mistakes: Wrong list. Broken links. Incorrect personalisation… There are so many things that can go wrong and most of them can cost you sales, time and money.

  • Achieve compliance: We strongly recommend that you remember to use the peer review sign-off section at the bottom of the checklist, and for all checklists it’s a good idea to keep a copy in case someone else in your team needs to refer back to it later. The New Zealand spam law puts the onus on you to prove you DID NOT breach the Act, so record keeping is a key step in best practice.

  • Streamline your organisation’s sending process: Set clear expectations about who is doing what and when. And ‘why’ too!

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