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Calibrate is a digital agency which specialises in crafting connections and streamlining processes in order to solve business problems and achieve results fast.

Zapier is our platform of choice for seamlessly integrating apps and automating repetitive tasks. It helps us to rapidly create and deploy highly sophisticated yet elegant digital ecosystems without the need for expensive custom development.

We can help you to plan, build and optimise workflows which will free up resource, increase the efficiency of your business and deliver better results from your marketing.
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Zapier Expert
  • We're unashamed marketing technology geeks! We can advise you on the best possible combination of apps to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.
  • A Zapier expert can help you to identify new opportunities for automation and connectivity which you might otherwise have missed. You might be surprised what a Zap can do!
  • Our team provides you with access to all the expertise you might need for your projects from design to development, copywriting and more.
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Connected Marketing
Marketers today often find themselves navigating an increasingly tangled web of platforms, vendors and data silos. There are thousands of applications out there to choose from when building your ideal marketing tech stack.

In this ever more fragmented landscape, savvy marketers understand the importance of building tightly connected systems - designed to deliver harmony by keeping platforms in sync, sharing valuable data and automating processes to avoid the need for mundane, repetitive tasks.

Here at Calibrate, we've been weaving together platforms to deliver tailor-made marketing systems for our clients for years. We're passionate about finding creative solutions to challenges, building connections and making things work.
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Local team. Global experience
Our team is comprised of experts in marketing automation, email marketing, social media, digital advertising, web development and design. You'll usually find us in Auckland, New Zealand but we've worked with clients all over the world and in almost every industry. Whether you're based down the road or on the other side of the globe - we can help.
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Whether you're already using Zapier or looking to get started, there's someone on our team who can help you. Let's have a chat and get your business on the right track for success.