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Return to Blog MailChimp’s new features – what you need to know

As you may know, MailChimp is the world’s largest email platform, sending over a billion emails a day. That’s a lot of emails!

Here at Calibrate we’re big fans of MailChimp and use it to send campaigns for many of our clients. In this blog, we break down a few of their more recent updates so you can stay in the loop and use the platform to its full capabilities.

MailChimp Landing pages now support video

Firstly, did you know you can create your own landing pages in MailChimp? You can use these pages to display extra content that doesn’t fit in your email campaigns, to attract new subscribers with an enticing sign-up offer, to manage event RSVPs and plenty more. And now landing pages also support embedded video. As MailChimp put it “show, don’t tell your audience what your page is all about.” For extra info have a read of this article: 9 Tips for Designing Landing Pages that Convert.

Predicted Demographics

Previously exclusive to MailChimp Pro, Predicted Demographics are now available to all paid accounts who are connected to an e-commerce store. Predicted demographics help personalise your brand’s marketing by predicting the gender and age range of your customers so you can create more data based segments.

This feature is incredibly helpful when it comes to making decisions about how to focus your content and list growth strategies. MailChimp has utilised the same gender and age categories as Google Ads, so now you can easily identify the demographics of your most engaged customers and target them across different platforms. Click here to learn more.

Change to Single Opt-in as Default

In case you didn’t know, MailChimp no longer insists on a double opt-in sign-up. It’s a major shift in policy as the double opt-in process has been a requirement for many years. The change is at the request of their clients, who’ve demanded an easier journey for their customers and a faster way to grow their lists. Click here to learn more about MailChimp opt-in options.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Have you trialled MailChimp’s Facebook and Instagram ads yet? MailChimp rolled out their Facebook ad campaigns early last year allowing users to expand their reach and engage with new customers. The ads allow you to combine your email marketing efforts and create campaigns with a more integrated approach. You’ll be able to find audiences that look similar to your most engaged customers. This blog will tell you more.

Google Re-Marketing Ads

Retargeting builds visibility for your brand, allowing you to reach an audience that’s already expressed interest in your products. Plus, it’s a lot more cost-effective than other types of advertising. When you connect your ecommerce store to MailChimp, you can set up ads to pull in your best selling products and generate a variety of different ad sizes to display across more than two million sites in the Google Display Network. The ad builder is easy to use and there are no extra fees to use this feature. Find out more about MailChimp re-targeting ads here.

MailChimp Popup Forms

Much like other popup forms builders, MailChimp signup forms allow you to design simple and effective forms consistent with your brand to help grow your database. After you’ve designed your signup form, you’re given a code to embed on your website, and tah-dah, your form is live. One limitation of this feature is that you’re only allowed one signup form per list. Find out more about how to add a pop-up signup form to your website here.

MailChimp Mobile App

The MailChimp mobile app allows you to create and send campaigns, manage subscribers and check reports. A cool feature of the app is that it gives you the option to resend campaigns to non-openers with just one tap. And, If you have an ecommerce store, you have the option to turn on an abandoned cart automation, which MailChimp set up for you, to remind shoppers to finish checking out. The mobile app is available on iOS or Android. Find out more here.

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR forms

Taking effect on May 25, the new GDPR law regulates how the personal data of EU citizens can be collected, used, and processed by businesses. It states that you must obtain explicit, opt-in consent, and be clear about how your contacts’ data will be used. MailChimp has set up new customisable GDPR forms to help with opt-ins and marketing permissions. For more on MailChimp’s GDPR forms, click here. Or if you’d like advice on whether or not GDPR affects you, get in touch.

Layout Changes

Regular users will have noticed a new checklist-style layout to the campaign builder. This helps to build emails faster, making it super easy to get started on a campaign and come back to it later. Another change is the way contact profiles are displayed – you can now add notes to a record, plus track engagement activity in a single timeline view.

If you want to know more about how you can make the most of these new features, feel free to get in touch either by email or phone.

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