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I first met Jeanne Jennings in New York in 2002.

It was around the time we were building the 2nd version of our award-winning email marketing software, and I was in awe to meet Seth Godin and many of the guru’s of email marketing that trip. We were all attending an early Clickz global email marketing conference in NYC.

Jeanne was, and still is, a hugely experienced email expert and I wanted to share this podcast she’s just recorded with some brilliant insights into email testing.

Testing is sometimes seen as a nice to do, rather than a must do, but this will remind you why, and how you need to have it in your program. It also includes her 4 key tips:

1. Scientific Email Testing Improves ROI
2. Make your email look like it’s related to your landing page
3. Take the time to split test your email. The ROI can be huge!
4. If you’ve got automated programs, make sure you’re checking them at least once every three months, if not every month, to make sure they’re working as intended.

The podcast will play from the red bar at the top of the page and the transcript is also featured.
And as Jeanne says, “Hopefully, some of your listeners will hear us speak today and then go back into their office and say, “You know what? We’re going to do more with email.”

Happy learning! Ro x

Click here to listen.

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